Having spent 12 years in education Rebecca is in a unique position.

She understands the pressures that schools are under, and her ‘Wellbeing Workshops’ are bespoke to each school, not one size fits all.

I always start any assessment of what a school needs with a 1-1 conversation with the head or whoever is in the role of looking after staff welfare. Each team is different and so are the challenges that they face within their school’s demographic.

Concerns regarding the rise in mental health needs is increasing among both pupils and teachers alike. My sessions are needs-led, practical and a lot of fun. Not a power point in sight! Resources are provided post session, reducing the distraction of notetaking and allowing people to be present and engaged.

school workshops for children and teachers mental health, bespoke workshops

Teachers come away with techniques they’re confident to use in their own lives to protect their mental health, but also to share with the children they serve. It’s a fantastic ripple effect.

Given the tightness of school budgets and the priority of allocating funds to children, my training sessions consistently remain within budget. They are concise, practical and are supplemented with free resources.

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“The techniques she taught us were fantastic and I’ve started using them in the daytime. Sometimes me / the kids take a minute to just ground ourselves by closing our eyes. It’s had a positive impact on all of us and it is something I’m going to continue using”.

“I enjoyed very much the session with Rebecca. I found it very relevant and useful, particularly as she gave us very hands-on tips and techniques that can be applied in different scenarios both in our work and for our personal life.

I consider it very important and in fact essential to develop self-awareness and skills to self-regulate through practices  such as the ones Rebecca shared with us, which can be like  ‘tools’ in our toolbox for ourselves as well as for helping the children we work with. Thanks so much for organising this session!”

“Thank you for such an informative session. You provided so many strategies that could be implemented into daily life but could also be transferred into the classrooms with our children. The session was delivered so well to a broad range of staff. The practical elements were fab! Thank you again.”