Next Event

Thursday 22nd February 7pm – 8:30pm

The George Community Hub, Newnham

Only 12 places available.

A fun and practical session by registered CBT hypnotherapist Rebecca Thomson.

This session is free.

Contact Rebecca to book your place.

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Past Events

Improve Your Sleep During the Menopause

A 2-hour Saturday workshop with Registered Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapist Rebecca Thomson.

Are you?

Finding it harder to fall sleep and stay asleep.

Battling with brain fog and irritability.

Have you tried?

Avoiding afternoon caffeine, late night screens and alcohol but it doesn’t help.

Do you want to?

Feel refreshed.

Learn how to cope with hot flushes/ night sweats.

Teach your body how to control stress & anxiety.

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Would you also like to?

Enjoy a hypnotherapy session to leave you feeling energised, confident & refreshed.

Saturday 9th December 1pm – 3pm

Spaces limited.

£30 pp

Or bring a friend special discount 2x tickets £55.

Where is it?

The Geoffery Room Monmouth Priory.

How to get tickets

Call 07763149251, or email me