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You’re not alone. You do have a choice

I help menopausal women improve their sleep without medication

“My confidence has improved dramatically. Previously I was only confident in certain aspects of life, largely my professional capabilities, but now my confidence comes from my core. Without hesitation – it is the most impactful decision I have made for myself. The positive impact on my sleep – and on my life in general – is beyond my hopes and expectations.  I now sleep really well, and have loads more energy, self-confidence, and resilience.”

“Don’t be put off by the word ‘work’ because although you will be making lots of tweaks to your habits and behaviour, Becca works with you to make realistic adjustments. Trust the process and you will reap the rewards, which go far beyond a good night’s sleep. With Becca’s fantastic expertise, insight, guidance and preparation, change IS possible.”

Jane Gloucestershire

“I’m now happier to go to bed, it was certainly an enormous dread. For years I have suffered with very little sleep. Now I do get decent sleep. Knowing how to control the chatter in my ‘ping-pong head’ has made it easier to be in my bed. Thank you, Rebecca, for your knowledge and kind positive way.”

Ang Gloucestershire